Deliver your product images through our CDN

PrestaShop Logo Speeds up your website with the official Pixelcrush PrestaShop CDN addon.

The PrestaShop CDN plugin for Pixelcrush is easy to install and starts working as soon as it is configured. It uses your product/category/manufacturer/supplier main images and configured image sizes on your shop’s configuration to provide real-time optimized and scaled images throughout your store, serving up to 70% smaller file-size images from your 30+ global CDN pops, to improve loading time for your customers anywhere in the world.

Better get ready to receive more customers in the near future as faster loading times means better SEO for your shop, higher positions on search engines results which lead to more page views per user and a lower bounce rate.


1. Create your Pixelcrush account or log in to your existing account.

2. Download the module according to your Prestashop version (zip).

3. Install the module through your PrestaShop back office section by clicking Add a new module:

Install the PrestaShop CDN

Then select the downloaded zip file and click on Upload this module:

Upload the PrestaShop CDN module zip file

Alternatively, unzip the module and use FTP to transfer the pixelcrush folder to the /modules/ directory of your store.

4. Click on Install or Enable if the module is already installed:

Install button for PrestaShop CDN

Enable button for PrestaShop CDN

4.5 Confirm the installation confirmation popup if you downloaded the module straight from our site.
If you downloaded the module via Prestashop Add-ons Marketplace, this step won't be necessary.

Enable button for PrestaShop CDN

After the module is installed and enabled, click on Configure:

Configure button for PrestaShop CDN

5. Enter your Pixelcrush account ID and API Key (located on the Settings page of your Pixelcrush account):

PrestaShop CDN settings

6. Set up a prefix for your filter aliases and pick a fill background color if you want to use any but white (default).

7. Click on Save.


This is an official addon, built and supported by the Pixelcrush team. The PrestaShop CDN module is frequently updated and all versions of PrestaShop from 1.5.x and upwards are supported.

You can also download this PrestaShop module from the official PrestaShop add-ons marketplace.


Pixelcrush experts are ready to help you with any questions. Please use your support contact form and we will reply you immediately.